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Winner of the City Council’s special prize: “800th anniversary University of Salamanca


awarded works, videomapping

“The Urban Tree concept has roots in the assumption of some mismatches, we are living in cities designed in the name of scientific laws, we reside in these mathematic figments which are the creation of the architecture. We manage to isolate the dangers of nature in rectangular cages and we exposed them in Zoos and the existence spent only in the limits of the comfort zones became a rule. The Voltairian belief that human reason is the same everywhere and that the common sense rightfully applied will end up everywhere to the same conclusions, contradicts the contemporary reality which is threatening our world harmony: ecological disasters that common sense cannot fix. This are the remains left after we cut out a geometrically irregular world with square reason forms, depicted in the artwork by superposition of two-dimensional characters on the natural elements and tridimensional urban elements. More than that the building is opened to the viewer, reviling the inner life of the low graphics characters, controlled by four keys like in old computer game. This inner life is identical with what one can see from outside. The esthetic processing of some digital errors and the fast cut of the shoots suggest the assault of the reality over the city symbols (City Hall), the mathematical comfort area receiving an artistic body. In the artwork Urban Tree, the ritual repetition is the norm of the vertical urban life, an endless self-replication of the individual sharing the same roots, living our lives within a tree form(shape) blended with the mathematics concepts of architecture.”

text by Cristian Cojanu

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